25 - 07 - 2022

New Partnership

BitBang is excited to be partnering with Funnel to strengthen their tools for data analytics and insights. Funnel is a marketing data hub that gives you business-ready data that makes sense. With data connections to than 500 apps and platforms, Funnel makes it easy to get the best insights in real-time from across the entire customer journey.

Funnel elevates your data by doing the following:

  • Collect: gather data from all your data sources using Funnel’s 500+ connections to advertising and marketing platforms
  • Transform: use Funnel’s powerful data mapping interface to clean and organize your data
  • Send: share your data with data warehouses, virtualization tools, and business intelligence solutions

Leveraging the Funnel platform, BitBang is looking forward to continue helping businesses transform through advanced data strategy, data execution and insights delivery at scale.

Giovanni Lorenzoni, CEO - BitBang

“We are thrilled to become a Solution Partner of Funnel and take our data analytics and insights offerings to the next level. Funnel allows businesses to achieve a unified, 360-view of their customer by collecting data from multiple sources. Funnel and BitBang are aligned in our commitment to enabling data-driven decision making through modern business intelligence.”

About Funnel - BitBang

Funnel is the marketing data platform that gives you business-ready data that makes sense. Funnel has helped more than 1500 customers to grow their business – including digital leaders like Home Depot, Havas Media, and Samsung. Founded in Sweden and with offices in Stockholm and Boston, MA, Funnel serves data-driven marketers across the world.