Are you striving to make your organisation more data-driven? Do you feel it’s time to step-up your data game, take more control and make sure your data strategy is long-term and scalable? Are you looking for a bigger picture to understand how your organisation should move forward?


Let us design together a strategic plan and its step-by-step execution.

Data Strategy - BitBang

By designing a Data Strategy, your organisation gets ahold of what data it needs, how it is or will be gathered, how to ensure its reliability over time, and how to use it to support its business goals.

Your custom Data Strategy will be your invaluable blueprint to align decision-making and activities around data assets, and to get the insights that will give you a critical edge on the competition.

Data Literacy - BitBang

A data-driven enterprise can only thrive if a data culture is the norm and the staff can read, write and communicate data according to the role.

Data Governance - BitBang

Data Governance is crucial to ensure security, integrity, quality, privacy, discoverability and reliability of your data assets. It is also the first step towards data democratization and long-term value-generation.

Modern Data Architecture - BitBang

Should you get a Data Lake or a Data Warehouse? Should you virtualize towards a Data Fabric? Should your data architecture be customer-focused? Will it support data-science projects?

We can help you design a scalable and sustainable architecture that matches your needs.

Digital Strategy - BitBang

We support you and your team in defining an effective digital strategy and in operating it day by day, orchestrating internal and external activities.

We provide you with a high-level overview of your digital and cross-channel data from a purely Business point of view, and advise you about the steps to achieve your goals.

Measurement Frameworks - BitBang

A Measurement Framework is the tool to tie your business goals to specific measurable outcomes and viceversa.

We work with your team to design the Framework that can help you tell the story of your business, avoiding vanity metrics and fostering good communication towards the C-suite.

Assessment & Advisory - BitBang

We help you assess your current maturity level, compare yourself to the broader market, and see the next level for your organisation.

We make sure that the goals we set together are reachable, sustainable, scalable and measurable.

Tool Selection & Evaluation - BitBang

Our long-standing experience and broad partnership network of advanced software vendors are the basis for the methodical, unbiased approach we execute to help you find the best toolset for your needs.