BitBang has been working with Marketing data since 2003 and devoted a team to Data Science as soon as Big Data came onto the scene.

Today, we apply our Marketing & AI competences to solve the most pressing problems that marketers face:

  • Addressing the exponential complexity of the advertising landscape
  • Being able to identify and leverage combinations of factors that caused a specific performance uplift
  • Being effective while respecting customers privacy

UMM is the solution that is gaining the most traction.

We ensure it is user-friendly and ready to be tailored to each client’s specific context, audiences and needs.

In the face of numerous online and offline touchpoints, cookie deprecation, and a plethora of privacy regulations that vary across countries, the advertising community must relearn how to advertise, sell, and measure outcomes amidst these significant and ongoing disruptions.

At the same time, companies are increasingly expected to prove the value of marketing activities and demonstrate their actual profitability. This is especially true for global companies with substantial investments in advertising.

We aim to obtain a precise and reliable 360-degree view of marketing activities and their respective performances, all in accordance with the latest privacy policies.
This will allow us to measure their incrementality and the impact they have on sales and business objectives, opening the way for dynamic budget allocation in what-if scenarios.

BitBang’s Unified Marketing Measurement is a comprehensive platform designed to evaluate the impact of marketing activities on brand awareness, sales, and business objectives.

Our UMM platform attributes performance effectiveness and recommends the actions needed to achieve desired outcomes.

BitBang’s solution is based on novel econometric approaches that are complemented by Multi-touch Attribution and further validated through Incrementality testing.

Generative Artificial Intelligence is utilized to conduct these advanced analyses and to customize them to the specific use case – including the generation of synthetic and anonymous data.

Check out the high-level Blueprint of our Solution.

BitBang’s approach is a foundational solution that can bootstrap and streamline the creation of tailored deliverables.

We believe in designing tools that are carefully crafted to fit our clients’ needs and specific characteristics, especially when it comes to critical tools like Marketing Measurement and Budget Optimization.

We provide our clients with the latest and most effective skills and technologies, beginning with open source options.

The system provides an overview of how campaigns, media channels or other activities contribute to sales by analyzing granular historical data.

The insights provided include typical marketing effects such as LagCarry-Over and saturation curves, and what-if modules that simulate budget shifts across channels and help plan the most profitable allocations. It also includes other experiments like geo-lifts for model validation and calibration.

Rapid and timely full-funnel optimizations can be conducted to obtain recommendations for the optimal budget allocation that in turn increases ROI.

The interface is highly visual and features a Natural Language assistant that enables intuitive execution of complex tasks, such as building what-if scenarios.

BitBang’s UMM enables a continuous and iterative process, and is constantly undergoing fine-tuning as new data is generated and acquired.

  • A composable tool built on the company’s data platform, that leverages a combination of open source models and the best of frameworks, such as Bayesian networks and causal inference.
  • Predictive and prescriptive analyses, capable of unlocking AI-based automation for marketing initiatives.
  • Complete ownership and AI transparency.
  • Full Compliance with privacy regulations: The system is based on the client’s first party data, and aggregated historical datasets that eliminate the need for personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Value-added services, including support and maintenance, are provided for companies at varying levels of AI-readiness.