A customer centric approach has several payoffs for companies, including increased campaign ROI, increased customer lifetime value and a higher click through rate online.

We aim to improve customer engagement across all communication channels and increase the ROI  received on digital initiatives, whilst also increasing click throughs and conversions.

We create a single customer vision, through which it is easier to identify brand awareness and work to increase it. We do this by implementing a fully integrated Customer Data Platform that develops a multi-channel, customer-centric path for all digital initiatives. This drives the creation of new, efficient customer-centric initiatives, automated with real-time CRM data and behavioral feedback.

Implementing a Customer Data Platform increases campaign ROI and improves Click Through Rate on both email newsletters and push notifications. Our goal is a measurable improvement in customer lifetime value.

Improve CTR - BitBang

Improve CTR

Expand CLV - BitBang

Expand CLV