Loacker, a renowned Italian food company, has embarked on a significant Digital Transformation journey, drawing on its long-standing commitment to quality and responsibility. It aims to leverage Big Data and IoT through collaboration with the BI-REX consortium and BitBang. BitBang designed a customized training program for Loacker, enhancing the company’s ability to assess and implement data-driven strategies. This initiative has already led to Loacker’s first experiment in data collection and analysis from its production plants, setting the stage for continued innovation and growth.

The project is funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU.

Loacker, a historic Italian food company rooted in the heart of the Alps, garners over 70% of its revenue from international markets. For generations, the company has been distinguished by its long-term vision, sense of responsibility, and economic performance. These values are coupled with its dedication to quality and social, ethical and ecological responsibility.

Loacker has recently embarked on an extensive Digital Transformation journey, which includes active participation in the BI-REX consortium.

The BI-REX consortium (Big Data Innovation and Research Excellence) is one of the eight national Competence Centers established by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy (formerly MISE), as part of the Italian government’s Industry 4.0 plan. BI-REX aims to support companies in their digitalization, sustainability, and innovation processes and in the adoption of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies.

A visit to the BI-REX pilot line at the conclusion of a Data Governance event hosted by BitBang further inspired Loacker’s IT and BI representatives to delve into the opportunities that Big Data can offer a food manufacturing company. As Loacker advances on its path towards a solid Digital Transformation process that is aligned with the company’s identity, it aims to acquire the skills needed to independently assess the opportunities and challenges associated with data-driven growth.

BitBang designed a tailor-made training course for Loacker, with BI-REX’s support. The course was delivered by expert Data Scientists and Data Engineers, and specifically modulated for Loacker’s knowledge, background, needs, and context.

The training began with an introduction to the concept of Big Data. This was followed by a deep dive into the fundamentals of Data Management, exploring its various architectural possibilities. The course also covered the latest approaches in the field, such as the Data Lakehouse model. Participants were introduced to some of the most innovative vendors currently leading the market. Finally, the course delved into Machine Learning and Data Mining techniques, supplemented with practical case studies for a comprehensive understanding.

BitBang’s course empowered Loacker to evaluate the pros and cons of available market technologies in relation to its business needs. It allowed Loacker to independently design new data-driven use cases and to identify opportunities where specialized external expertise can provide significant value.

Building on the basis of the skills and ideas developed during the training program, Loacker has already initiated its first experiment of collecting and analyzing data from production plants.

Fabian Rinner

Together with BitBang’s experts, we had the opportunity to explore a range of topics: theoretical fundamentals, standard use cases, and our company’s specific needs. This experience proved to be a valuable opportunity to expand our skills, strengthen team cohesion, and generate new ideas to propel the company’s data-driven growth.

Fabian Rinner

Team Leader IT Integration & BI – Loacker