16 - 04 - 2024

BitBang is a Data & AI consulting company that focuses on empowering data-driven innovation for its clients. Since its founding in 2003, BitBang has been helping leading financial institutions leverage their data to understand and refine their digital analytics, customer engagement, and overall product experience.

BitBang is proud to become part of the ABI Lab Consortium, which is devoted to encouraging research and innovation in the Italian banking industry. The Consortium also contributes to the development of areas such as innovation and cybersecurity at the European level.

By joining ABI Lab, BitBang is happy to be able to contribute to building and sharing innovative best practices that can benefit the whole italian banking industry and – ultimately – its customers.

At BitBang, we know from experience that innovation within the Banking sector is critical given the high-stakes, complex regulations, and consumers’ high expectations. We also believe strongly in an ecosystemic approach, where each partner brings its own excellence, thus allowing for best-of-breed designs to be envisioned. For these reasons, we are thrilled to join forces with the ABI Lab Consortium where we can bring our innovative mindset, solid roots in data management, and extensive business and technical experience to the table.