07 - 01 - 2022

BitBang and Denodo partner to deepen and enrich companies’ understanding of their customers.

Companies strive to treat their customers as individuals, if not as royalty. The better companies understand their customers, the better they can anticipate and meet their needs and assure their loyalty over the long term. This is especially important today, as many customer touchpoints move online. Increased insight into consumer behavior sharpens marketing efforts and deepens the customer understanding in a virtuous cycle that drives success and ultimately improves sales.

Unfortunately, companies face a number of challenges that fragment their view of their customers:

  1. Different departments within large companies often maintain separate databases that do not seamlessly interoperate, and they will often store multiple data sets on the same customer. Similarly, data is often separated by channel, even when it covers the same person.
  2. Traditional data integration methods, such as ETL processes, are costly to implement and require ongoing maintenance. Also, because they deliver data in scheduled batches, they are not capable of supporting real-time data access.
  3. Replacing a company’s data infrastructure with a single, overarching system is not feasible, as this would be prohibitively expensive for most companies and could result in an unacceptable amount of downtime. This leaves companies without a global mechanism for managing data access.
  4. Many companies lack the technology and expertise to implement integrated communications across online, mobile, and traditional phone channels.
  5. Many companies lack the expertise to ensure that the right people are able to access the right data at the right time.

Working together, BitBang and Denodo enable companies to overcome each of these challenges, so that they can gain a much richer, dynamic, omnichannel view of their customers.

What Denodo Brings

The Denodo Platform uses data virtualization to connect data consumers with disparate sources of data in real time, without having to physically move any data from its existing location. The Denodo Platform sits in a layer between data consumers and the various data sources. The platform itself contains no data, but only the metadata required to access each source, and the platform shields consumers from this complexity. By presenting data consumers with a real-time view across myriad disparate sources, data consumers can access a single version of the truth, and query across the heterogeneous sources without having to understand their different requirements.

With the Denodo Platform, new sources can be added relatively quickly, including emerging data storage architectures such as cloud or big data sources. Because the Denodo Platform supports a wide variety of legacy and modern data sources, it modernizes data infrastructures without forcing organizations to replace existing investments, including traditional data warehouses, data marts, or ETL processes.

What BitBang Brings

Whereas Denodo brings all the data together, in real time, BitBang works with each company to ensure that the right data gets into the hands of the right people, at the right time, and in the most applicable format, so that businesses can immediately leverage the data to meet their goals.

BitBang has extensive experience helping companies to unlock the full power of customer data. The team is comprised of experts who can design data structures, configure business intelligence (BI) platforms, implement pipelines, automate processes, and build powerful dashboards that translate timely data into actionable information. Well-versed in the latest machine learning (ML) approaches, BitBang can design solutions to solve the most intractable challenges, from proactive anomaly detection to marketing campaigns that effectively address highly targeted groups.

Leveraging the real-time data integration capabilities of the Denodo Platform, BitBang builds powerful customer data platforms (CDPs) that provide trusted, timely information about customers that is unified across the entire organization but tailored to meet the needs of each individual department.

What can you do with BitBang and Denodo?

With BitBang and Denodo, companies can:

  • Gain a richer, more dynamic, omnichannel view of customers
  • Unify data from multiple customer data sources, in real time
  • Implement seamless data governance with a single data-access layer across a company’s many data sources
  • Modernize the data infrastructure without having to replace legacy systems
  • Leverage the expertise of a team well versed in the latest database, ML, BI, and data visualization technologies

Architecture Overview

Gabriele Obino

“At Denodo we are very excited to announce our partnership with BitBang. BitBang have been helping their clients understand their customers data for many years. They truly are a data obsessed company. This means the services they provide to their clients are second to none. We feel the joint solutions we can offer through our partnership with BitBang will help their customers gain a deeper more governed insight into their data. Using the Denodo platforms data virtualization capabilities, BitBang’s clients will be able to have a holistic view across all of their data assets.”

Gabriele Obino

Denodo Regional VP Sales Southern EMEA & ME

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