Our client for this project was a global fashion giant, which had been operating for over a century. With five luxury brands to their name and a presence in over 70 countries worldwide, they have a truly worldwide outlook.

The client wanted a Unique Customer View, which integrated all their data sources to create an analytics tool that could be a real-time, in-depth decision-making powerhouse. They wanted to remove data silos and optimize marketing activities for different regions.

They hadn’t managed to do so previously because different parts of the business were using different tools to collect and process customer data. This made it difficult to take a data-first approach to decision making – both because data was siloed and because the process of obtaining data was slow. This was slowing down their marketing abilities drastically.

We started by mapping out the scope of our client’s customer data sources so we could unify them into a single, real-time customer data platform.

This platform now enables all relevant employees in the business to interpret customer data quickly and accurately. This makes it easier to predict and model customer behavior, and for teams to create targeted, personalized customer experiences that increase brand loyalty.

Our accessible predictive analytics solution now enables them to create highly-targeted campaigns, resulting in more sales and increased customer satisfaction.

Our platform has helped this fashion retailer transform how they use data to make business decisions.

A fully-integrated, 360-degree vision of the customer journey now enables all employees to access up-to-date analytics on the spot. Easy-to-follow dashboards give visibility into trends and patterns in customer behavior that might otherwise be missed.

As a result, teams can predict customer behavior much more accurately and target customers with specific marketing campaigns based on these predictions. This has resulted in increased customer satisfaction, retention, and a more dedicated brand following.

This is helped by machine learning algorithms, which process data to make automatic improvements to the customer journey. This has resulted in a decrease in customer acquisition costs.

  • Integrated Vision
  • Direct Marketing
  • Increase in Sales
  • Decrease in acquisition costs