23 - 05 - 2023

BitBang among the companies interviewed.

The Trend Report published by Forrester on 5 May “Using The Google Analytics 4 Migration As An Opportunity To Evolve Your Digital Analytics Strategy” analyses how companies are coping with the forced transition to Google Analytics 4, places GA4’s features within the broader landscape of digital analytics evolutions, and suggests that companies take advantage of this juncture to think strategically and update their tracking strategies.

About the Report.

We are now a few months away from the shutdown of Google Analytics UA, both free and 360: the subsequent forced switch to GA4 or another analytics tool has had a big impact on companies.

Most Migrating Companies Are Not Thinking Strategically About Their Digital Analytics Needs” indicates Forrester in its recent report (Use The Google Analytics 4 Migration As An Opportunity To Evolve Your Digital Analytics Strategy, Forrester Research, Inc., May 5th 2023).

In our webinar last March, we suggested approaching the GA UA shutdown from a strategic perspective and as an opportunity for growth, but we know that it is not easy for companies to embed high-level reasoning and the resulting operational choices within their day-to-day operations – moreover, with an externally imposed deadline.

BitBang has been dealing with Digital Analytics since 2003, when it was called Web Analytics and was a brand new discipline in Italy. In these 20 years we have lived the technological evolution at the forefront – with all its novelties, revolutions, and paradigm shifts – helping our clients to navigate it and always get the best out of it for their business.

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