17 - 04 - 2023

A key step for a data-driven digital transformation

In recent years, organizations and information technology professionals have increasingly been paying attention to the discipline of Data Governance. And it is not a new discipline: we have been talking about data governance, and more generally about data management, since information science emerged in the early 1950s. However, after the explosion of big data and the spread of analytical practices, Data Governance has become indispensable.

All organizations, in their race toward digital transformation, and especially in trying to make increasingly data-driven business decisions, have come up against the difficulties associated with data management. More mature companies are realizing that having governance of the people, processes, and technologies that have relationships with their data assets, allows them to maximize the value that can be derived from the data.

How can you sustainably and practically introduce a Data Governance program to the company?

At BitBang, we have created a multidisciplinary center of expertise focused on Data Governance that accompanies the professionalism and support that we provide to companies that have decided to take on the challenge of modern data governance and analytics.