20 - 11 - 2023
BitBang Snowflake Select Service Partner


BitBang is a data consulting company specialising in customer-centricity and digital transformation. Leveraging a cutting-edge technological partnership ecosystem, we provide our clients with tailor-made best of breed solutions. BitBang and Databricks have been partners since 2018.


Databricks is a cloud data platform to manage and analyze big data. Databricks brought together the best of Data Warehouses and Data Lake, creating the Data Lakehouse. The patform is strongly focused on facilitating the collaboration between project teams and Data Science teams. Today, over 9000 organizations rely on Databricks to transform, integrate, and analyze their data.

What you can get with BitBang and Databricks

  • Break Data Silos: Bring together data from different sources, reconcile them, and analyze them
  • Data trust: Make sure your data are always reliable.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Develop AI projects.
  • Personalization: Activate Customer Data for personalized communications.
  • Be Customer Obsessed: Enact a customer obsessed strategy, designed specifically for your business’ needs and your customers’ expectations.

BitBang partners with a variety of technologies in Databricks’ ecosystem. We select the most fitting platforms and leverage our high-level certified competencies to build end-to-end solutions solving your business’ need.

Find the Data & AI solution that meets your business' needs

and develop it with BitBang and Databricks.

Data & AI Solutions for Customer Data - BitBang

Single Customer profile | Customer Scoring | Customer Lifetime Value | Churn Analysis | Audience Management | Lookalike Segments | Advanced Recommendation Engine | Customer Journey Orchestration | Customer Data Activation | Basket-Analysis for Cross-Selling and Up-Selling | Customer Data Platforms

Data & AI Solutions for Marketing - BitBang

Attribution Models | Unified Marketing Measurement | RFM segmentation augmented with behavioral and 360 customer view data

Data & AI Solutions for Manufacturing - BitBang

Anomaly Detection | Predictive Maintenance

Cross-Domain Data & AI Solutions - BitBang

Dynamic Clustering | What-if Scenarios | Churn Analysis | Cross-Source BI Dashboards | Natural Language Processing