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22 November 2023

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11:00 – 12:00 CET

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Free Event, Online

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Italian / English

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CDPs are making their way into the Italian market: marketers are redefining their activities and decisional processes to integrate these new tools and to answer to the continuous growth challenges that are brought about by the market.

AI, personalization, and care for customer data are the themes that are currently at the center of every marketer’s activities. This is even more true in light of the progressive deprecation of third-party cookies.

During this event, we will explore the role of CDPs in the aforementioned scenario, how they support the construction of data architectures that are focused on customer data and data activation, and how CDPs can be key to enabling AI and ML projects that support strategic as well as operational decision making.

David Raab

David Raab

CDP Insitute

Founder & CEO

Giovanni Lorenzoni

Giovanni Lorenzoni

CDP Institute Italy


Andrea Bedeschi

Andrea Bedeschi


Program Manager, Customer Analytics

Roberto Ranaldi

Roberto Ranaldi


Senior Consultant, Adobe Solutions Consulting

Ulisse Sarmiento

Ulisse Sarmiento


Regional Vice President, Solution Consulting