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17 April 2024

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17:30 - 18:30

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Join us at ASSI’s (The Association of Information & Innovation Systems Specialists) webinar “Intelligenza Artificiale Applicata a progetti di Innovazione per l’Industria” on 17 April to learn more about how Industry 4.0 manufacturing companies empower their data with artificial intelligence.

In 2017, the “Industry 4.0” plan was launched in Italy. The plan was reintroduced in the years following and continues to be implemented today, witht he use of alternating phases and methods. Its implementation was extended until December 31, 2025 and in some particular cases until June 30, 2026.

The Industry 4.0 Plan’s launch document states:

“Industry 4.0 involves all aspects of the business lifecycle for companies aiming to acquire competitiveness, offer investment support, digitalize production processes, enhance worker productivity, foster adequate skills training, and develop new products and processes. The success of the Industry 4.0 Plan will depend on the extent to which each individual entrepreneur utilizes the measures made available”.

Over the past seven years, all manufacturing companies have modernized and digitzed their facilities to varying degrees. They have achieved immediate benefits in terms of productivity and generating vast amounts of data to process.

ASSI’s webinar focuses precisely on this last aspect, as many of the benefits coming from these investments have yet be fully realized through the analysis of machine data, with the use of today’s artificial intelligence tools.

This issue will be addressed in speeches by both BitBang and BI-REX, which focus on providing excellence not only Italy but also in the field in general.

Andrea De Marco

Andrea De Marco



Massimo Pulvirenti

Massimo Pulvirenti


Head of Consulting and Training Services